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Restaurant Skogen


Opening hours

Restaurant Skogen

Monday-Sunday: 06.30-09:30

Lunch buffet
Monday-Friday: 11.00-14.00

Special offers, starts 25/1
“Wicked chicken night” every friday 18.00-20.45
“Burger n’ beer” every saturday 18.00-20.45

Tonight’s Special
Every evening for hotel guests: 18.00-21:00



Breakfast buffet for a great start to your day

We have chosen to focus on scrambled eggs made of fresh and local eggs, crispy bacon and high quality juice. Among many other things on our buffet...


Today's lunch

Always two main courses, soup and salad. Psst.. We serve cake for dessert every Friday.

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Tonight's Special

Evening meal for our guests

Served every evening, always included for you as a guest at our hotel.

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Special happenings

Wicked chicken & burger n' beer

Every Friday: "Wicked chicken night" Every Saturday: "Burger n' beer" 185kr/person | 18.00-20.45 | incl. 33 cl beer/glas of wine/non-alcoholic alt.

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Special happenings

America back in town

All night, American style! Live music by Joel Nunez and a great evening buffet menu